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Why is career counselling required ?

Amidst, all the stress your child is dealing with after their results are declared, for instance comparing the marks with their peers, to dealing with the inner guilt, to not being able to share their thoughts as they are already burdened with too many emotions and still figuring out whether they should continue with their present field of interests.

On the other hand, should they be trying out something else?

All of this seems very frustrating and depressing.

Do you think your child deserves to go through this stressful phase?

Well as a parent, you surely will not and that is where a professional will be able to guide you and your child.

Career counselling is not only for students, but also for those who are dealing with midlife career crisis. In such instances, problems shall range from facing difficulty in doing better at their jobs after graduation or being dubious about career change at this point in their life.

Therefore, a professional can guide well in such situations.

Right from giving a comprehensive assessment, which is purely scientific to getting a personal career guidance, you can help yourself overcome all the stress you might be dealing with at this stage of your life. Personality assessments include Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI),Hollands’s code RIASEC test , VARK learning style questionnaire and Aptitude test which serve as a steppingstone to gaining complete understanding of one’s potential. How career counselling works?

Career counsellors are proficient at evaluating your skills, personality, interests, and other characteristics. They use the results of the assessment done by the participant to recommend the best career options out of all the available and relevant alternatives. Career counselling gives you access to the resources and expertise of a career expert.

Tips for choosing your career Taking steps to figure out what you want to do is critical to finding work that matches your skills, knowledge, and personality, whether you're daydreaming about a job change or have yet to start working. While narrowing down your career options may seem difficult, careful self-examination can help you find a career path that is just right for you. Here are certain tips that might help you in choosing your career.

  • Evaluate your work style.

  • Find a subject that interests you

  • Check if the subject has a career opportunity

  • Try doing an internship or job shadowing to understand about the job role and its suitability.

  • Further if you need assistance take help from a professional.

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