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Career Workshops at Schools

Our career awareness workshop for schools is a specially designed program developed by leading counsellors. These career awareness workshops will help students to identify the career goals, set the education milestones and derive the clear pathways to achieve it. The purpose of the workshop is to help students understand career development as a whole which will help them to grow and prosper in their lives.

Career Awareness Session

Probing Questions, addressing myths and thought-provoking career awareness session by experts. Get Information about new-age careers.

Career Planning and Strategies

Career guidance programs to provide end-to-end career guidance, catering to the needs of everyone involved in the career decision-making process - parents, teachers, counsellors, and the students themselves.

Study Skills

Probing Questions, addressing myths and thought-provoking career awareness session by experts. Get Information about new-age careers.

Motivational Session

Inspiring talk and interactive activities to motivate students and imparting a sense of achievement.

Industry Expert Talks

These interactions not only motivates the students but are also helpful in setting the career goals, prioritisation and derive step by step action plans for the coming years.  

Learning Style

Identifying Individual learning preferences and optimization strategies to improve student’s learning ability.

Stress Management and Happiness

Easy psychological tips to manage daily stress among students are provided by our experts.  These techniques and our unique happiness curriculum helps students and teacher more fullifing life ahead.

Examination Stress

Coping strategies to handle exam-related stress, anxieties at school or home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How the career awareness workshop for schools help students?

The interactive Career Workshop for school helps students to understand various opportunities, latest trends and factors which needs to be considered before deciding the most suitable career path. In a very simple way, it explains the difference between planned Vs Unplanned career decisions.

What makes Psyuni India preferred choice for career workshop for schools?

Psyuni India is a group of leading career counsellors in India. The amalgamation of Psyuni India's most advance career assessment tool, our Result Oriented Career Counselling methodology along with experience, knowledge and passion of career counsellors make it the most preferred choice for schools.

What is the duration of the workshop?

It takes around 45 minutes for detailed orientation, 30 minutes for Q&A session followed by career assessment and individual counselling.

How shall I enrol for career workshop for schools?

It is simple. You can send mail to psyuniindia@gmail.comor fill the enquiry form below.

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