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How to Make Extra Income Even With a Full-Time Job

Start a services business. This can be done without requiring a lot of startup costs or a large network. If you have a skill that other people will pay for - which could be anything from web design to painting and decorating - this is a viable way to start making money relatively quickly. Invest in real estate. This might not be an option if you don’t have savings or are working a full-time job, but once you are in a position to go down this route it can provide a lucrative return. Look for countries where property is more affordable and even with outsourcing the maintenance and property management you could be looking at making a significant income from this. Launch an online resource. This could be an ebook, video course or a membership site - depending on your skills and preferred income generation method. While this does require some technical skills and a larger amount of work done up-front, once that work is done you can continue to generate an income while spending far less time maintaining it. Amazon Affiliates or Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). Many entrepreneurs want to develop products and launch online stores but using the Amazon platform and their built in e-commerce resources makes this an appealing option. You can sell your own product with the support of Amazon or receive a commission for sales you generate of other people’s products. Get involved in the sharing economy. Airbnb allows you to make money by renting out your spare room, but it doesn’t stop there. There are sites that allow you to rent all sorts of things - from your car to camera equipment - so you can make money from your belongings without having to sell them. Host your own event. There are many ways to go about this, and often it is more of a mid- to long-term strategy. If you have knowledge on a subject or a specific skill you could run a small workshop or lecture and charge an entry fee. Building up a following by running free events is a good way to gather momentum and then host larger scale events with reputable speakers where you can charge a more substantial fee. Look at the things you already do. There might be an opportunity to make money hiding in plain sight! Take note of the things you spend time on and ask yourself if there are ways that you could monetise this. This could be anything from signing up to sites that pay you to surf the web or test products, or taking a hobby and teaching it to others. Get creative and find ways to get paid for the things you already love to do.

Contributor: @Jason Philip

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