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Do you want to become Microbiologist?

The main aim of this study is to develop a deep understanding of micro-organisms and their life structure in order to develop resources by exploiting them. The study revolves around the biological structure of microorganisms, cellular and molecular functioning, ecology division and as a subject of the human resource.

Specializations in Microbiology

  • Healthcare

  • Medicine

  • Agriculture

  • Food Safety

  • Climate Change

  • Environment

  • Space Science

Responsibilities of a Microbiologist

  • Development of new products, processes, and techniques.

  • Identify micro-organisms in a range of Environments.

  • Manage laboratory works.

  • Carry out researches and studies on microbes

  • Develop prevention and protection techniques against diseases.

Scopes of Microbiology as a Career

Microbiology overlaps the various other degree areas of biology like as molecular biology, genetics and immunology. The scope of Microbiology is huge because of the involvement of microbiology in various fields such as Pharmacy, Medicine, Clinical Research, Agriculture, Dairy Industry, Nanotechnology, and Chemical Technology.

For taking Microbiology as a subject for college or university, one should score enough marks in Biology and Chemistry. Microbiology subject comprises all the core subjects of Biological Sciences as well as Biochemistry and Biophysics. There are several colleges and universities which conduct entrance exams and tests for admission in Microbiology degree course. The 12th standard school level marks is also vital to participate in such entrance exams.

Some popular colleges and universities which provide Microbiology as a subject are ––

  • IISc

  • St. Xavior’s

  • Scottish Church

  • Bidhannagar College

  • University of Calcutta

  • West Bengal University of Technology

  • JNU

  • KIT


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