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Career Planning Lab for Progressive Schools

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Our career guidance Lab is a state-of-the-art career counselling technology platform for schools which comprises of the emerging & latest trends in the Indian education system. Our Technology platform along with the Expert Counsellors help students to set career goals, find out the most suitable career path and achieve their career milestones. Students can make informed career decisions based on career analysis and information available in a single platform.

Career Awareness workshop

  • Experienced Career Counsellors

  • Information about New aged Careers

  • Information about Vocational Careers

  • How to choose the perfect career path.

  • Informed Vs Uninformed career Decisions

One on One Counselling

  • One on One counselling

  • Dedicated Counsellor mapping

  • Career analysis among 150+ Career Paths, 3000+ Occupations

  • Career Library

  • College Admission Predictors

  • Exam Calendar

School Dashboard

  • Analytics reports

  • Counsellors management

  • Student management

  • Trend analysis

  • Career reports of students

Career Planning Lab Setup

  • Online and Offline version

  • English / Vernacular languages

  • Mobile Responsive

Counsellors Dashboard

  • Student Profile management

  • Live chat

  • Career Information access

Quick Customizations

Customization based on your business processes and expected outcomes. You will be empowered to modify too!

How can career guidance lab help students?

It is an inclusive platform for students. All the career-related information will be available in a single platform. Student can do career assessment to find out the most suitable career path, career library for information and career navigation, more than 1.5 Lakhs top colleges information and admission chances predictions, exams information, career boosters and many more.

Will students will get personalized Guidance?

Yes, Definitely. Edumilestones Counsellors strive to set up a profound affinity with each student to help them clarify and achieve their career goals. Our team of senior expert counsellors ensure that the nature and high quality of counselling remain at the highest. Every student will undergo a process of career assessment followed by one on one career counselling

Why career guidance lab should be established in Schools?

In India, around 70% of students are confused and ignorant about their career, 80% of the students are concerned for their subject selection and 91% don't get any career-related guidance from their schools. (Source-Edumilestones survey on 20,000 students 2018-19). Career Guidance Lab can bridge this gap by making connections between classroom learning and proper career guidance. Such initiatives will help in the holistic development of student and provide enough execution time for them that would guarantee their full career success.

Can I get the demo of career guidance lab for schools?

Of course, you can! You just need to sign up and have full access to the demo.

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